For the Love of Birds

pexels-photo-260919As my hubby and I sat in the driveway we noticed on the roof of our house two doves that seemed to be at work to build a spring nest in the gutter above my office.  While watching this tedious work, the “Love Birds” stopped and stood beside each other and fondly snuggled for several seconds before their work continued.  Such a sweet moment to show that even God gave these sweet little birds affection for each other.

How many times do I really stop and listen when someone is talking to me, or calling my name?  How many times do my sweet Grand’s ask me a ? and I say…hang on.  I think we have all become so busy and distracted by many things that are taking away our time to really feel the love from the ones that have been loaned to us here on this earth.

So as a lesson learned from 2 little feathered birds, I want to remember that moment and truly listen to my sweet Savior and my loved ones, as they send sweet whispers of love my way.

Take time for the right things in life and the rest of life will fall in place.



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